6 Philadelphia police officers shot

CTOA's Managing Director, Nir Marman joined CTV to discuss the active shooter. Watch the full interview.

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El Paso Shooter Manifesto

Read the El Paso Shooter Manifesto

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Chernobyl’s disastrous cover-up is a warning for the next nuclear age

Before expanding nuclear power to combat climate change, we need answers to the global health effects of radioactivity

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Deadly germs, Lost cures: A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy

Last May, an elderly man was admitted to the Brooklyn branch of Mount Sinai Hospital for abdominal surgery. A blood test revealed that he was infected with a newly discovered germ as deadly as it was mysterious.

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The Great Replacement: New Zealand Shooter Brenton Torrant’s manifesto

To read the New Zealand shooter's manifesto, click here.

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Handling Novichok and the 4th Generation Nerve Agents

Read the Canadian Tactical Officers Association Newsletter on Handling Novichok and the 4th Generation Nerve Agents.

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CTOA’s Nir Maman on The challenges police face in active shootings

Global’s Farah Nasser speaks with Nir Maman, the managing director of the Canadian Tactical Officers Association, to discuss how police deal with active shootings, and what goes through the minds of officers.

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CTOA 2017 Open House

The Canadian Tactical Officers Association is proud to announce its 2017 Annual Open House for loyal members, guests and prospective new members. This invitation is going out to all members of the Emergency Services Community.

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Vortex Canada Range Seminar 2017 No $ Charge. See poster for Details

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Volume 3 Issue#2 Switching to Terrorism by Editor in Chief Marc Dugas, CTOA Publications

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