The Canadian Tactical Officers Association (CTOA) is a not-for-profit, fraternal organization directed by the needs of Canadian tactical officers and front line law enforcement.


Our goal is to develop a professional network, committed to promoting and coordinating the sharing of information and best practice guidelines amongst law enforcement, corrections, military, and security providers, to meet the needs of these organizations. Additionally, to provide access to subject matter experts on the CTOA advisory board, that can provide consultation, expert testimony or, facilitate specific and effective practical training, based upon the most recent, realistic and relevant skills in crisis and risk management.


What led to the development of the CTOA was the need for task specific training and equally important, the timely access to information and subject matter experts in the field, to meet a wide spectrum of concerns of the aforementioned services. We’ve all found ourselves in the position at one time, or another, tasked with providing answers, or operational solutions for a situation that we hadn’t been exposed to, or experienced before. Based upon my experiences, what has often frustrated that process is either the lack of knowledge, lack of ability, or simply not knowing where to turn for assistance. In most cases a solution is found, but not without hours or days of searching, to find someone who’s been there and done that, or attending expensive training that sort of address your needs. This can result in wasted resources, (time and money) a duplication of efforts, or worse case scenario, pressing on blindly; which may result in corporate liability, or criminal prosecution.

In answer to the current trends of fiscal constraints, limited resources and growing public scrutiny, the response has been extremely positive and the timing favourable to launching CTOA.

We are excited about the opportunity of being able to provide the mechanism for those in need to plug into a “live network”, a central clearing house of sorts, that will give its membership access to the combined knowledge and expertise of those that have gone before us.

"There is no one of us smarter than all of us."