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Glenn Allan
Correctional Officer (Law Enforcement) Canada
Producer / Host

The Advocate with Glenn Allan
June 2013 – Present | CABLE 14 – Hamilton, ON
The Advocate with Glenn Allan is a television program that airs Friday at 10:00pm and Monday at 8:30pm on CABLE 14 in Hamilton, ON. It can be seen on COGECO channel 814, ROGERS channel 214, and Source Cable channel 714. (
The Advocate is 30-minute community TV show designed to assist individuals suffering/recovering from Abuse, Addiction and Mental Illness, as well as their families, friends and peers.


Hope for Men – Hamilton
July 2005 – Present | 595 Main St. East Hamilton, ON.
Hope for Men – Hamilton, is a weekly Peer Support Group for Adult Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, and Men’s Sexual Assault.Hope for Men, in partnership with Hamilton Men’s Withdrawal Management Centre, meet Monday evenings at 7:30PM, (8:00pm in summer) excluding holidays.It is an open ended group, so any man 18-years of age or older may attend at anytime.
All participants must register via phone 905-975-6455, or by e-mail prior to attending their first group meeting.

Maplehurst Correctional Centre
March 1986 – September 1989 | Milton, ON
Created a safe and secure environment by being firm but fair in my duties as a Peace Officer in a Provincial Institution where fellow officers and I oversaw young offenders serving sentences no longer than 5-years, and adult inmates serving sentences of two years less a day.
Edward W. Bogats Jr.
Police Chief (Law Enforcement)

Edward W. Bogats, Jr. has over 30 years of law enforcement experience along with ten years of executive level experience. During this time he has created and developed state-of-the art programs in Use of Force Management, Critical Incident Response Programs involving active shooters, Critical Incident Response to Terrorism/Suicide Bombers and Anti Terrorism programs that are used internationally.
He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, the 222nd Session. He has developed policies and rules and regulations that govern the everyday operation of police and security agencies that he has been in command of. He has over nineteen (19) years of teaching experience in higher education at both the graduate and undergraduate levels within Criminal Justice.

Capt. Keith A. Cunningham
CD (Firearms)

Keith is a career military officer with a combined time of over 25 years experience with the Canadian Forces and the US Army. He has considerable practical experience, including a combat tour in Vietnam, peacekeeping and counter-sniper operations in Cyprus, and annual unit and command-level military exercises in North America and Europe.

Keith has taught marksmanship courses at the Canadian Forces Infantry School and at several police forces in Ontario. He was a certified instructor/examiner for the Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario and he was a Hunter Safety Instructor/Examiner. Keith is an internationally certified shooting coach and has successfully coached teams to national and international excellence. He is currently the Chief Instructor with the MilCun Training Center.Keith is a qualified gunsmith with over 25 years experience, specializing in long-range practical rifles. He has built and regulated rifles used by Canadian police agencies and international competitors around the world. He is an internationally renowned rifle and pistol competitor, having won honors at Bisley, the World Long Range Championships, and at the Commonwealth Games. He has been the Canadian National Champion in pistol, tactical/service rifle, sniper rifle and 3-Gun a total of 18 times. He is a member of the Canadian Forces Sports Hall of Fame and the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association Hall of Fame (in both the target rifle and service rifle categories).

Carl Hospedales
Security & Aviation Consultant (Law Enforcement)
Carl Hospedales has sat on the Executive Board of Michigan Tactical Officers Association as Training Director for 7 years and was the Assistant Director for Maritime Affairs at Borderpol.  He currently sits on the Advisory Board of the US National Patrol Rifle Conference and is developing Tactical Carbine design and operations.
Some of the areas of operation he has been to include: Europe, Balkans, Africa, Middle East, Far East and the United States. Mr. Hospedales has implemented several law enforcement training programs including Terrorism & Terrorist Awareness, Executive/Close Protection, Body Armour (Performance, Standards and Selection), Firearms and Tactical Helicopter Operations, which have been approved by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) for Law Enforcement personnel and has been published internationally in professional magazines and journals on subject matters of Firearms, Terrorism & Maritime Security. As a professional he is committed to supporting and assisting in achieving Tactical teams objectives.
Additionally, he was a technical advisor to New York Times Best Selling Author Brad Thor in the following books:
  • The Apostle
  • Foreign Influence
Capt. Matt Sheehy
Aviation & Trasportation Security
Matt Sheehy is the Director (Canada) of Jetana LLC, an international security consulting company with its head office based in Kalispell, Montana, USA. A retired Air Canada Captain with 37 years of experience as a commercial pilot, Sheehy has filled several roles with the Canadian Airline Pilots Association (CALPA), the Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) and the Airline Pilots Association International ALPA Intl.
He served as Security Chair at ACPA and was the Canada Board Security Chair with ALPA Intl. and was ALPA’s designated representative at the International Federation of Airline Pilots Association (IFALPA) conference in Beirut Lebanon. He spent almost seven years as an OPP auxiliary constable and received 2 Exemplary Commendations during his time with the OPP. He is presently a member of the International Police Association and the Counter-Terrorism Officers Association.
Joel Johnston
(Use of Force Expert)
Joel Johnston is a retired 28-year police veteran with a background in Patrol, Foot Patrol, and Traffic Enforcement, but primarily specializing in Use of Force training & program development, and Emergency Response (ERT) with the Vancouver Police Department.
He served from 1990 – 1998 as the Use of Force Coordinator for the VPD – with a cadre of 28 control tactics instructors, he was responsible for all officer safety, arrest & control tactics, and use of force training for the Department. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1998 and took over as operational Squad Leader of one of the Department’s four full time Emergency Response Team squads. He became the Training Coordinator for ERT in 2004 and the Officer-in-Charge in 2005.
He was seconded to the British Columbia Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General as the Provincial Use of Force and Municipal Emergency Response Teams Coordinator from 2005 – 2011.Originally from the Toronto area, Joel was a full-scholarship athlete at Simon Fraser University and has a BA in Economics from SFU. He was drafted by the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League in 1983.
He also holds certificates from Penn State University in Less Lethal Weapons Technologies, and Minnesota State University’s – Force Science Institute – Use of Force Analyst Program. He is a graduate of the FBI Defensive Tactics Instructor School, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Force Investigation School, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Advanced SWAT School.
Joel holds a third degree black belt in traditional Shotokan karate and has a background in Shoot Wrestling, Pankration, Police Judo and Crossfit® Striking.Recognized as a Use of Force Subject Matter expert witness by the Courts across Canada, Joel is a multiple-published author, presenter to numerous national and international conferences, consultant, and certified Instructor in numerous defensive tactics systems, less lethal weapons and firearms systems. He has been a member of numerous Working Groups with the US (NIJ) National Institute of Justice (Tactical Operations, Excited Delirium Syndrome, Less-Lethal Technologies, etc.).
He has been a member of numerous Canadian Police Research Center (CPRC) Working Groups (Vascular Neck Restraint, Conducted Energy Weapons, Excited Delirium Syndrome, etc.) He has been a member of numerous RCMP National Working Groups (Excited Delirium Syndrome, Conducted Energy Weapons, Patrol Carbine, Incident Management Intervention Model, Subject Behaviour-Officer Response Reporting, etc.). He is a founding member of the Canadian Law Enforcement Forum (CLEF) – an advisory body to the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) on use of force and related matters. He is a Canadian Director of the International Law Enforcement Forum on Minimal Force Options.
He is a Force Response Options Instructor-Trainer for the Province of British Columbia and has instructed use of force-related subject matter internationally.
Joel is a Co-Principal of the Defensive Tactics Institute (DTI) – a training and consulting firm based in Vancouver, BC since 1988.
Clare Lopez
(Security & Counter Terrorism)
Clare M. Lopez is a strategic policy and intelligence expert with a focus on national defense, Islam, Iran, and counterterrorism issues. Currently a senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy, The Clarion Project, the London Center for Policy Research, and the Canadian Meighen Institute and vice president of the Intelligence Summit, she formerly was a career operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, a professor at the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies, Executive Director of the Iran Policy Committee from 2005-2006, and has served as a consultant, intelligence analyst, and researcher for a variety of defense firms. She was named a Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute in 2011.
Already an advisor to EMP Act America, in February 2012 Ms. Lopez was named a member of the Congressional Task Force on National and Homeland Security, which focuses on the Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) threat to the nation. She is deputy director of the U.S. Counterterrorism Advisory Team for the Military Department of the South Carolina National Guard and serves as a member of the Boards of Advisors/Directors for the Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, the Clarion Project, the United West, and the Voice of the Copts. She has been a Visiting Researcher and guest lecturer on counterterrorism, national defense, and international relations at Georgetown University. Ms. Lopez is a regular contributor to print and broadcast media on subjects related to Iran and the Middle East and the co-author of two published books on Iran. She is the author of an acclaimed paper for the Center, The Rise of the Iran Lobby and co-author/editor of the Center’s Team B II study, “Shariah: The Threat to America”.
Linda K. Miller
Linda has over 20 years of business experience, including consulting, business planning, management, marketing and information systems. She has considerable experience in international smallbore target shooting as a member of Canada’s Shooting Team. She has won medals in the Commonwealth Games 1994, Cuba World Cup 1995 and Mexico World Cup 1993. In 1999 Linda became the first and only woman to win the Ontario Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for shooting (fullbore rifle); these competitions have a proud and honored history of over 140 years. Linda is also the first and only woman to be the National Sniper Rifle Champion (2008). She holds many provincial and national titles and records, and has been a member of several Canadian teams to international Championships throughout the world.
Linda is an accomplished and internationally certified coach. She has coached provincial and national teams (smallbore and fullbore) and is currently coaching the Canadian CISM (Conseil International du Sport Militaire) team. With Keith Cunningham (see above), she has coached the Canadian Forces Combat Shooting Team to many honors in England and Australia. They have coached 13 members of the military to a Queen’s Medal, the top award for marksmanship within the Canadian Forces. Linda also volunteers as a director, manager, administrator, and consultant in Club, Provincial and National shooting sports organizations.Keith and Linda are popular guest lecturers and speakers, providing seminars and courses to police, military and civilian marksmen in Canada and internationally. Their articles on marksmanship have been published in shooting magazines such as Precision Shooting, Tactical Shooter, The Accurate Rifle, Canadian Marksman, the Canadian Forces Infantry Journal, Ontario Out of Doors and AIM Magazine. They are the authors of “The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters” and “The Secrets of Mental Marksmanship.”
Stu Kellow
Advisor on Terror & Intel Gathering

“Stu” retired with thirty-two years of public service with the Toronto Police Service and continues with over thirty years full and part-time, with the Canadian Forces. He is a recognized leader with a proven track record and passion for adventure. The most decorated police officer of the Service, his dossier includes a number of “firsts.” In addition to his professional activities, he continues to serve his community in a number of leadership roles in business and volunteer capacities. A team builder, organizer, problem solver, CTV News commentator, author and teacher, he brings professionalism, objectivity and passion to any field of endeavour. Stu is the CTOA advisor on Terror and Intel gathering related matters.

Jim McLean
Emergency Measures & Public Order Specialist

Jim retired in 2008 after 35 years in law enforcement with the Toronto Police Service, holding the rank of Sergeant. Throughout his career, Jim worked in a variety of police functions, including uniform patrol, area foot patrol, criminal investigation branch (detective office, youth bureau, major crime unit), Public Order Unit and Toronto Police College. During his tenure in the youth bureau, Jim specialized as a child sexual abuse investigator. He was the sergeant in charge of the Area Foot Patrol and detective in charge of the Major Crime Unit, both in 32 Division.

A member of the Public Order Unit since its inception in 1988, Jim became an instructor in public order/crowd management techniques. Drawing on his extensive crowd management experience and expertise, he has trained police services and agencies across Canada.

He was the lead Toronto Police instructor delivering incident management training to the Toronto Police Service and, through the emergency management program of the Toronto Office of Emergency Management to various city departments and agencies. He is a provincially certified Basic Emergency Management and IMS 200, instructor. He was a member of the steering committee for the Ontario Incident Management System (IMS 100) program.

He was an instructor at the Toronto Police Charles O. Bick police college, in both the Use of Force and Tactical Training sections and is a provincially certified use of force instructor. He has lectured to community groups on police use of force.

Since 2013 he has been an instructor with International Trauma Life Support (ITLS), teaching this international assessment system for pre-hospital care to first responders, paramedics, students, nurses and doctors.

Jim has, and is currently, traveling across the Nunavut Territory delivering a basic emergency management program to communities. He also delivers Incident Management (IMS) and Emergency Management programs, as well as conducting threat and risk assessments for the public and private sector.

Chris Mandigma
Private Security & Law Enforcement
Chris Mandigma’s professional background includes over 15 years of private security and law enforcement service. Chris began his career in Transit Safety and Enforcement and his last 4 years of his tenure in public transit enforcement, Chris served as the Security Supervisor and Use of Force / Defensive Tactics trainer. During this time, he also served 5 years as an Auxiliary Constable with the Waterloo Regional Police Service. Chris then transitioned over to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), the second largest law enforcement agency in Canada as a Use of Force and Firearms Instructor. In 2019, he then transferred to another enforcement sector within the federal government as a national Use of Force / Firearms Instructor and Senior Enforcement Officer where he is currently tasked in the development and modernization of the national use of force and firearms program in addition to consulting on use of force equipment for the Agency.
Additional associations include:
  • Adjunct Instructor – Survival Edge Tactical Systems Inc.
  • Expandable Baton Instructor – Durham College Oshawa
  • Defensive Tactics Consultant – Chimera Firearms Training Inc.
Chris has also earned a certificate in Criminal Psychology and Behaviour and is a graduate of numerous private and public sector defensive tactics, combatives, and firearms instructor training certifications.
Law Enforcement Instructor & Related Certifications include:
PTTA TriCom Instructor
CBSA Control & Defensive Tactics Instructor
CBSA Duty Firearm Instructor
CBSA Subject Movement / Transport Instructor
CBSA Building, Approach, Entry & Search Instructor
PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor
Blauer Tactical Systems P.D.R.TM Coach
CrossFitTM Level 1 Coach
Chris has extensive background in Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu and Pekiti Tirsia Kali. He is the founder of Pekiti Tirsia Tactics – a training and consulting firm, the only sanctioned affiliate in Canada under the Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association (PTTA).
Dr. Sean P. O’Brien
Clinical Psychologist (Law Enforcement SME)

Dr. Sean P. O’Brien is a registered clinical psychologist who currently maintains a private practice in the Toronto area. The majority of his work involves the provision of clinical and consultation services to police and military organizations throughout North America, including the Toronto and Durham Regional Police Services, the RCMP, Correctional Services Canada, the U.S. Marshals Service, the Canadian Military, and the United Nations.

He has 15 years of experience in dealing with high-profile critical incidents, including police-related shootings, military combat, and terrorism and war-related events. Dr. O’Brien works with various agencies to demystify the posttraumatic stress response and to develop strategies to help police officers and military personnel reduce their risk of developing a post-traumatic Stress Disorder. He is also a use-of-force consultant to a number of government agencies, various police services, and several private security contractors throughout Canada and the United States.

Sgt. Paul J. Cassie
Toronto Police Service Canine Unit

Sergeant Paul Caissie has served over thirty years with the Toronto Police Service. A majority of his career has been with the Toronto Police Canine Unit.

Since 1993, he has dedicated himself to the handling and training of Law Enforcement Police canines. He has handled six Police canines during his tenure as a police canine officer and Trainer. Presently, he has a General Patrol Dog, and Narcotic/Firearm Detection Dog which are both operationally deployed in the City of Toronto.

Sergeant Caissie has been networking with many canine agencies throughout North America. He has traveled extensively throughout Canada and the United States sharing intelligence and ensuring the quality and high standards of the training programs are constantly reviewed and maintained.

In 2000 Sergeant Caissie joined Canada’s Operation Pipeline/Convoy Program which is a common sense policing approach to detecting travelling criminals throughout Canada. This successful motivating cost effective program has contributed to the seizure of over 2 billion dollars of contraband. It is recognized as a Best Practice and effective tool to enhance our efforts against organized crime in Canada. Sergeant Caissie is a National Instructor and Senior Facilitator with the program.

In 2009, Sergeant Caissie was assigned the position as the Chief Instructor of the Toronto Police Service Canine Unit. He is responsible for the development, training and quality assurance of the 32 canines and 22 handlers assigned to the Unit.

Derek O’Rourke
Independent Security Consultant

Derek is a former member of the Irish Defence Forces with over 25 Years of experience in Security and Anti-Terrorism strategy. After several years as an independent security consultant, he joined the National Ambulance Service of Ireland where he served for 12 years as a Paramedic Supervisor, all the while working in a part-time capacity in high profile security and risk management positions for various corporate and financial bodies.

In 2010 he founded a representative body for statutory Ambulance personnel and was the Chairman of a position he held for 18 months before he resigned from both the Ambulance Service and NASRA to take up a managerial position with a private security company in Dublin. In 2015 he was asked to join another private security company and spearhead their operations in North America, leaving Ireland behind and relocating his family to Oakville, Ontario, during this time he project managed third party operations for some of North America’s leading sporting and entertainment events and organizations whilst climbing the corporate ladder to Vice-President Operations.

Events and clients such as: 2015 Pan Am games, MLSE, NBA All Star Weekend, World Cup of Hockey, Rogers Cup, NHL Centennial Classic, MLS Cup Final, Grey Cup Final, Toronto International Film Festival, Nuit Blanche, Canada 150 celebrations, BMO Field, Exhibition Place Events, City of Toronto, City of Mississauga.

Recognizing the difference counter-terrorism technology can make in this ever changing World, in October 2018 he joined VWK9 as Director International Operations, VWK9 is a full spectrum K9 company who specialize in Vapor Wake K9’s which is a patented body-worn explosive detection technology. Derek spearheads Canadian and International Operations. For further information visit


– International Association Bomb Technicians and Investigators
– Toronto Chapter ASIS International
– International Association Emergency Managers


  • Diploma in Emergency Medical Science | University College Dublin
  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support | American College of Surgeons
  • Ontario Security License | Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services
  • Tactical Use of Force | GCTactical Training
  • Canadian Firearms Restricted & Non-Restricted Safety Certification
  • Canadian Possession Acquisition License
  • Close Protection Operative | City & Guilds Diploma
  • QQI level 6 in Supervisory Security Management | FETAC QQI
  • Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Construction and Classification | DHS/FEMA
  • Introduction to the Terrorist Attack Cycle | DHS/FEMA
  • Response to Suspicious Behaviors and Items for Bombing Prevention | DHS/FEMA
  • Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Explosive Effect and Mitigation | DHS/FEMA
  • Surveillance Awareness: What You Can Do? | DHS/FEMA
  • Security Awareness Training for Large Venues | Public Safety Canada & DHS/FEMA
Patrick D.R. Crandell
Intelligence & Security
Matt Sheehy is the Director (Canada) of Jetana LLC, an international security consulting company with its head office based in Kalispell, Montana, USA. A retired Air Canada Captain with 37 years of experience as a commercial pilot, Sheehy has filled several roles with the Canadian Airline Pilots Association (CALPA), the Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) and the Airline Pilots Association International ALPA Intl.
He served as Security Chair at ACPA and was the Canada Board Security Chair with ALPA Intl. and was ALPA’s designated representative at the International Federation of Airline Pilots Association (IFALPA) conference in Beirut Lebanon. He spent almost seven years as an OPP auxiliary constable and received 2 Exemplary Commendations during his time with the OPP. He is presently a member of the International Police Association and the Counter-Terrorism Officers Association.