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President & Founding Member

Mr. Bremner who has over 30 years experience in law enforcement including uniform patrol and emergency response tactical unit as Special Weapons Team leader.  Jim is qualified as a sniper, weapons technician, tactical trainer and Use of Force and firearms instructor. He has provided instruction and seminars for various police, military, EMS and security agencies throughout North America and overseas.

His many qualifications and/or certifications include weapons technician and instructor (on a variety of weapons), EOD technician and Andros and Pedsco operator, CBRN Instructor (live agent certified), chemical munitions and distraction device instructor, baton instructor, aircraft assault instructor, rappel master, close personal protection instructor, special reaction team instructor, and nuclear emergency response team instructor.

He has more than 30 years of extensive martial arts and unarmed combat experience in Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Washu Kung Fu and Israeli Krav Maga, and is certified by Israeli Special Forces instructors.

In addition to tactical training, Jim lectures on the subject of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and has co-authored, along with Dr. Sean P. O’Brien, an article entitled ‘PTSD and the Police’, which has been published in The Canadian Critical Incident Magazine, Illinois Law Enforcement Journal, RCMP Gazette and Blueline Magazine.

Jim and Connie Adair have co-authored ‘Crack in the Armor: a police officer’s guide to surviving post traumatic stress disorder’, a self-help guide written to assist first responders in understanding the effects of work-related critical incident stress.

Jim also provides tactical police consulting for the film and television industries; most notably as tactical consultant for the award-winning CBS/CTV police action drama series, Flashpoint. He was responsible for training the cast in the handling of special weapons and choreographing tactical scenes. Jim also has an on screen roll in the Flashpoint interactive game found on CTV’s official Flashpoint site.

Vice-President & Founding Member

Mike served thirty-five years with the Toronto Police Service. He retired in May of 2008 having attained the rank of Sergeant. From 2000 until his retirement, Sgt. Babineau was the Senior Firearms Instructor for the Toronto Police Service and Administrative assistant to the Armament Officer and as such was responsible for developing and delivering firearms training and tactical training exercises for all Toronto Police Officers.Prior to this appointment, Mike served 6 years with the Toronto Police Emergency Task Force (SWAT Team) as a supervisor of special weapons teams and was a member of the Explosive Disposal Unit. In this capacity he participated in the resolution of over 185 high risk incidents including gun and offensive weapon calls, hostage and barricaded person situations and high risk warrant service. Mike also has 22 years experience performing general police duties including various uniform and investigative assignments.Mike is the recipient of several awards including the Canadian Police Exemplary Service Medal and Bar. He is the recipient of two Commendations from the Chief of Police, as well as 37 letters of commendation.Mike holds instructor ratings on numerous small arms and less-lethal weapons including O.C. spray and the Advanced TASER. In addition, he is certified as an Armourer for the Glock series of Pistols and Ar15/M4 Carbine.Mike’s many other qualifications and/or certifications include weapons technician and instructor ratings on a variety of weapons.   Mike is an Ontario Use of Force Instructor, ASP baton instructor, rappel instructor, defensive tactics instructor, EOD Technician, post blast scene technician, hostage negotiator , ARWEN (Anti-Riot Weapon Enfield) armourer and instructor, as well as drug investigator.In 2003, Mike was appointed a Provincial Constable for the Province of Prince Edward Island mandated to instruct firearms and Tactics at the Atlantic Police Academy.

After retiring from the Police Service, Mike was one of five Tactical Trainers contracted by a Nuclear Power Company. He, along with the other trainers were tasked with the development of course training standards and designing, delivering and evaluating training for a new Nuclear Response Force.
Vice-President & Founding Member
Phil has over 30 years police experience that started with uniform patrol duties and progressed through SWAT training and employment in Toronto Police Service (TPS) Team 5 where he was involved in over 500 operations.
Phil subsequently served as a TPS SWAT instructor before assignment to the TPS Intelligence Division where he managed or produced security assessments related to visiting Internationally Protected Persons, VIPs and public officials, special police operations, special events, asset protection, etc. Mr. Devine was the lead instructor for close quarter combat, counter ambush drills, and high risk vehicle dismounts for police officers deploying to Afghanistan as part of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Mr. Devine’s many qualifications and/or certifications include EOD technician, weapons instructor (on a variety of weapons including Taser), rappel master, critical incident negotiator and critical incident commander, chemical munitions and distraction device instructor, general investigations, criminal intelligence operations and analysis, and counter-terrorism analysis.  Phil retired from CTOA as Vice President to pursue other areas of interest but is still an integral part of who we are and what we represent.

Nir has a professional background that spans twenty years of service in the fields of Military, Policing/Law Enforcement, and Security Operations between Canada, the United States, and Israel.

He served in the Israeli Special Forces Counter-Terror Unit and Counter-Terror School. During his service he held several positions including Commander of the Counter-Terror School’s International Joint Forces Training Section where he was responsible for developing and delivering specialized Counter-Terror Warfare, Hostage Rescue, and Krav Maga training to Special Operations Units from various countries around the world (including the US Special Operations Command) that would attend the IDF Special Forces Counter-Terror School in preparation for high risk deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

He held the position of Lead Instructor of the Counter-Terror School’s Hostage Rescue Section, where he was responsible for training the IDF’s Hostage Rescue Units in all areas of Counter-Terror warfare and Hostage Rescue including Hostage Rescue Operations in domestic and foreign/hostile environments, Close-Quarters-Combat, Aircraft, Ship, Train, and Bus Interdiction, Suicide Bomber recognition and engagement, Urban Warfare, Clandestine/Stealth operations, Tactical Shooting, Escape and Evasion, and Krav Maga.

In conjunction with his other duties, Nir was also assigned to the Counter Terror School’s Chief Instruction and Research and Development Section where he was responsible for enhancing and developing operational Counter Terror tactical methodologies that are currently deployed by all Israeli Special Forces Units. Some of the methodologies he developed or enhanced for the Counter Terror School include: Active Shooter Intervention in open terrain, Fighting in Built Up/Urban areas, and Deployment of the Ballistic Shield in Urban Warfare. His duties in this section also included training the School’s instructors. Nir was also appointed as the Counter Terror School’s Subject Matter Expert for Active Terror Attack/Shooter Intervention.

He was an Operational Team Leader on the Counter-Terror Unit during high-risk deployments, which included Active Shooter/Terror Attack Interventions, Arrests of high threat terrorists, and high-risk entries and searches throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip regions. During War Time Designation Nir was additionally tasked as the Unit’s M72 66mm Light Anti-Tank Weapon Operator.

In April 2009, Nir was decorated with the Distinguished Service Award by the Israeli Defense Force Ground Forces Command and the Israeli Defense Force Special Qualifications Command for his exemplary service and accomplishments.

In Canada, Nir served on a Nuclear Tactical Response Unit, as a Patrol Constable with a Transit Authority, a Police Constable, Use of Force and Tactical Instructor for a major Police Academy, and a Use of Force Instructor for Canada’s Immigration Enforcement Service. He is currently a sworn Peace Officer and the appointed Managing Director of the Canadian Tactical Officers Association.

In the United States, Nir was a Sworn Police Officer appointed as a Deputy Commander of a Tactical Unit and he is currently a Sworn Reserve Deputy Sheriff.

Nir appears regularly on National news segments providing expert insight on global events related to terrorism, Police response and training.

For over 20 years, Nir has also worked in the Security operations field in various capacities including planning and commanding the Close Protection details for Government officials (including Diplomats from the Israeli Government), corporate figures, and celebrities.

Nir was appointed as the Lead Security Advisor to the Jewish community of the Greater Toronto Area where he was responsible for developing security and emergency response protocols for community stake-holders as well as conducting Threat Risk Assessments for the Jewish community schools, community centers, synagogues, and for planning the security and emergency protocols for sensitive and large-scale community events.

One of Nir’s subject matter areas of expertise is Hostage Rescue. He has been commissioned on several projects tasked with deploying rescue operations for incidents related to kidnappings and hostile terror oriented take-overs around the world. Some of these rescue projects included the rescue of commercial ships and their crews that were seized and held captive by maritime pirates in the horn of Africa, and a rescue of a young Canadian female that was abducted and forcibly confined to a reform institution in a Middle-Eastern country.

Nir has a Martial Arts background of 40 years with Black Belts/Instructor certifications in Krav Maga (3rd Degree black belt), Tae Kwon Do (2nd Degree black belt), Hap Ki Do (1st Degree black belt), and Jeet Kune Do/FMA.

He is a certified Police Use of Force Instructor and Tactical/SWAT Operator in both the United States and Canada.

To date, Nir has trained thousands of Special Forces Soldiers, Police Tactical/SWAT Officers, Police Patrol Officers, Customs and Immigration Enforcement Officers, Tactical and Armed Security Officers, Close Protection Agents/Bodyguards, and Instructors in all those fields from various Countries around the world including Canada, the United States, Israel, and others.

Nir’s Subject Matter areas of expertise/proficiency include:

  • Single and Multi-Officer Active Shooter Intervention for terror and criminal oriented threats,
  • Hostage Rescue operations (in permissive and non-permissive environments),
  • Counter Terror response and intervention operations,
  • Suicide Bomber and IED/explosives recognition and engagement/response,
  • SWAT/Tactical Operations, including: High-Risk Warrant Service, High-Risk
  • Environment Entry, Search, and Secure, and High-Risk Arrest,
  • Counter Ambush
  • Close Protection operations
  • Security operations and Target Hardening, including: Emergency response protocols, 
  • Recognizing and engaging a terror attack planning operation, Detecting hostile surveillance,
  • Krav Maga (Unarmed Close Quarters Combat)s
Director of Tactical Training

Stephen T. Sadler was born and educated in Toronto, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto and a Teaching Effectiveness Certificate from Humber College. In addition to his post-secondary education, Stephen received the Queen’s Commission and served as an Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve as an Armoured Troop Commander and facilitated training in both weapons and tactics during his military service.

Stephen has been a serving Police Officer in the City of Toronto, currently entering his 30th year, 19 years of which have been spent in a Supervisory role as a Sergeant. Stephen’s experience has included long periods in both the investigative and tactical fields, and he has extensive tactical and firearm’s training. He has coordinated and conducted training in Crowd Management and Public Order Tactics, training Municipal Police Services throughout Canada and the State of Kentucky. Stephen is a certified instructor in both Less Lethal Munitions and Chemical Weapons and is an Instructor for the Public Order Obstacle Removal Team.

Stephen has a background as a certified Instructor for Emergency Management programs, both at the Municipal and Provincial levels, with the Incident Management System and Basic Emergency Management programs.

Stephen has had prior expertise as a Search Manager with the Toronto Police, and is a Nationally certified HUSAR (Heavy Urban Search and Rescue) Instructor, a Nationally certified Search and Rescue Instructor and an Internationally certified ITLS (International Trauma and Life Support) Instructor. He is currently accredited as an Affiliate Faculty member with ITLS Ontario, and is a part time faculty member at Centennial College.

During 2011-2012, Stephen was seconded to the RCMP and spent a year working for EUPOL (European Union Police) in Afghanistan as a mentor and advisor for the Commanding General of the Afghanistan National Police in Badakshan Province. During this mission, he co-developed and facilitated three Policing programs, as well as provided training to Senior Police officers for the Afghanistan Police.

After the Afghan Mission in 2012, Stephen spent 2 years in the Critical Infrastructure and Counter Terrorism Section at Emergency Management and Public Order. In this role, he worked with Intelligence Units both in Toronto and Nationally, and liaised with both public and private sector partners in relation to Critical Infrastructure within the City of Toronto.

In 2014, Stephen joined the Toronto Police Service CBRNE (Chemical/ Biological/Radiological/Nuclear/Explosives) Response Team. Stephen is certified as a Police Explosives Technician, a CBRNE Technician and is Clandestine Lab certified. Stephen has filled the role of Training Sergeant for the Unit, and is currently the Operational Sergeant on one of the Teams. These Teams respond to all forms of explosive calls, suspicious packages and unknown powders and will assist as required with the Clandestine Lab Team of the Toronto Drug Squad.

Craig Peddle brings over three decades of law enforcement expertise.  Craig grew up in Toronto, Canada and has served as a police officer in the community of Jane and Finch, Malvern, Special Investigation Services, Detective Services, Street Crime, the Gun and Gang Task Force, Community Response Unit, Youth Services, Community Policing Support Unit, Intelligence Services, Investigative Support in Professional Standards as an Investigator and Surveillance Officer, a ‘Wire-Tap” investigator/supervisor and has assisted with Homicide investigations during many lateral assignments; including criminal gang cases and offences related to firearms and explosives.
Craig has been actively studying and investigating criminal gang culture, gangs and gang members since 1995.  He was the first operational gang coordinator for the Toronto Police Service and has authored and assisted with implementing strategic, tactical, operational and community based plans as they relate to criminal street gangs municipally, provincially and federally with the Solicitor General of Canada.
He  is  a  certified  Advanced  Trainer/Instructor  and  has  developed  and  instructed lesson plans, courses, or seminars for the Toronto Police College, Ontario Police College (OPC), the New York State Police Academy, Ontario Gang Investigators Association (ONGIA), Middle Atlantic Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network (MAGLOCLEN), Criminal Intelligence Services Canada (CISC), Criminal  Intelligence  Service  Ontario  (CISO),  Ministry  of  the  Attorney  General  Canada (MAG), Ontario Association Of Chiefs of Police (OACP) and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
His vitae includes operational certifications and years of experience as a Surveillance Officer designated by the Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario (CISO), Toronto Police Service and was trained, certified, designated, authorized and tactically operated as an under- cover agent under the authority of Bill C-24 (n.b Lawful Justification, 25.1 cc) in wire-tap invest.
Director of Leadership and Transportation Security


Inspector McCallum began his 32-plus year policing career with the St Thomas Police Service in April 1989. During that time, he has served in many assignments, including general patrol, coach officer, criminal investigations and Crime Stoppers.

In June 2006, Inspector McCallum became a member of the CN Police Service. He has had assignments in operational front-line policing, training section and criminal investigations.

Upon being promoted in June 2014 to his current rank, Inspector McCallum has been described as a results-oriented, strategic leader who has been tasked with progressively more accountable positions within the CN Police Service. He is currently the Inspector in charge of the Great Lakes Division, which encompasses all of Ontario. Inspector McCallum has managed countless operational matters such as major derailments, serious crashes involving death and serious injuries, blockades, and major criminal files.

Inspector McCallum has an energetic yet consolatory style that has helped him achieve both professional and personal ambitions within the CN Police Service and many long-standing friendships within the communities he has been privileged to serve. Well-known by officers, he has challenged them to new levels of professional achievement and community involvement.  It was not uncommon to see the Inspector walking a beat patrol in a train station or on a midnight shift riding along side officers so he could witness, first hand, community and railroad policing issues while demonstrating his lead from the front style of leadership.

Inspector McCallum has a forward thinking and strategic approach to policing, as well as a professional style that reflects well in his working philosophy.  “Today’s decisions should not be tomorrow’s problems”.  Inspector McCallum has always remained open to thoughts and ideas that are supportive of tolerance and healing and will actively seek out and work with allies that hold the same mindset and goals.  A strong sense of community is important to Inspector McCallum and his history demonstrates that safe, tolerant and inclusive communities provide for an enhanced quality of life for all.

Inspector McCallum continued to balance his civilian policing career and stay fully engaged with his reserve military service. Warrant Officer (RET’ d) McCallum proudly served in the Canadian Armed Forces (Reserves) for over 28-plus years with the Military Police until his retirement. He has experience in a variety of operational, instructional and command positions.

Director of Security
Director of Clandestine Operations

Phil Duncan brings over 23 years of law enforcement experience of which 14 years were spent in elite plainclothes and undercover units. Phil was a senior undercover officer and operational team leader in the following units: Gun and Gang Task Force, Drug Squad, Intelligence Division-Covert Operations Unit and Mobile Surveillance Unit-Professional Standards. Investigative units also worked in include the Tamil Task Force, Street Violence Task Force, Auto Squad, Interpol International Assistance Unit, Divisional Detective Office, and Uniform Patrol. Phil was a founding member of Canada’s first Gun and Gang Task Force established in 2002. He has been involved in over 1500 plainclothes investigations, has executed over 300 dynamic search warrants and over 200 high risk vehicle takedowns.

His many qualifications include being a Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario (CISO) covert operations handler, undercover operator survival instructor, major case management, gun and gang investigator, drug investigator, firearms investigator, organized crime investigator, surveillance operator, crime scene management, court expert drug witness, human source level 2 handler/instructor and use of force instructor.

Currently Phil runs his own consulting company and is a close quarter survival, use of force and confrontation management instructor. Phil has trained thousands of undercover and intelligence operatives, elite military, executive protection agents, police tactical and uniform officers both domestically and internationally. He also trains federal, provincial, and municipal agencies in confrontations management. Phil has designed and delivered undercover officer survival training for the last 6 years to various Police Forces which includes overseeing the survival training for the Toronto Police Intelligence Division-Covert Operations Unit. He has testified at all levels of court as an undercover operative, operational team leader and case manager in judge and jury trials. These trials consisted of homicide, gun and gang, drug, firearms, and organized crime multi-jurisdictional wire tap investigations. Phil was also a team leader of a security detail that protected undercover officers testifying in high-risk court cases.

Phil has more than 35 years of martial arts and unarmed combat experience. He is a master instructor of Russian close quarter combat sambo and an instructor of Filipino martial arts as he holds black belt rankings in both. His martial training has also consisted of boxing, judo, and Japanese jujitsu. Phil was a senior use of force instructor at the Toronto Police training academy for 3 years. He was charge of the plainclothes tactical survival course and he also founded the Toronto Police Russian combat sambo club.

Phil was a guest lecturer teaching undercover officer survival at the Covert Ops training Conference in the USA and in July of 2021, Black Belt martial arts magazine published his article on close quarter weapons survival.

Editor in Chief
CTOA Publications
Marc Dugas is a veteran paramedic with 16 years of experience at Toronto EMS. He has 12 years of service as a medic with the Toronto Police Public Safety Unit, and has been a certified CBRNE technician with the Joint Toronto CBRNE team since 2003.
His experience as a trainer includes International Trauma Life Support, First Aid/CPR/Defibrillator/Oxygen, Sunnybrook Base Hospital, and 12 years as a Field Training Officer with Toronto EMS. Marc has certification in tactical emergency medical operations, defensive handgun techniques, tactical rope and rescue, SCBA, and multiple certificates in CBRNE. He also publishes a bimonthly CBRNE newsletter, THREAT WATCH, relating to terrorism issues in addition to the Canadian Tactical Officers Association newsletters and associated bulletins.
Barrister & Solicitor
Chief Legal Counsel to the CTOA

Simon Borys received his undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Legal Studies, and Criminology from the University of Waterloo.

He began his career as a sworn police officer in 2006, in Ontario, after having spent 2 years as a dispatcher.  After several years as a patrol officer he left the Service to attend law school at Queen’s University, where he graduated in the top 10% of his class.  He now practices law as a criminal defence lawyer at his own firm, Borys Law, in Kingston, ON, where he specializes in defending police officers throughout Ontario on criminal and Police Services Act allegations, SIU investigations, OIPRD complaints, and Criminal Injuries Compensation Board claims.

Simon is actively involved in continuing legal education and often speaks to police and correctional officers, as well as other lawyers, on a variety of legal topics, including use of force.

Simon has always maintained a strong interest in firearms and has received training in Canada and the United States.