This one day Program is 8 to 10 hours, instructed by Crowd Management experts with over 60 years of combined experience in Crowd Dynamics. 
The day will focus on developing awareness for those working in Media and Journalism and how to function and survive within a crowd environment.
The topics and discussions will include;
– Crowd Theory
– Use of Force within a Crowd Dynamic
– Personal Protection and First Aid Preparedness
– Chemical Weapons (Tear Gas/ Pepper Spray) Awareness

– Code of Conduct Observed within a Crowd Environment

The program will provide practical knowledge and techniques which will enable them to work safely within a crowd environment, especially when the crown dynamics become riotous.
– Classroom sufficient in size for the total number of students attending
– A/V equipment- projector/ screen
Cost per attendee: $225.00
Minimum number of attendees: (10) Ten. No maximum. Instructors will be added as required.
Instructors will offer the course at a venue provided by the customer suitable for the number of candidates attending.
Certificates and Refreshments will be provided.

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