CTOA 2022

Over the years, the CTOA has developed a wide professional network, committed to promoting and coordinating the sharing of information and best practice guidelines amongst law enforcement, corrections, military, and security providers, to meet the needs of these organizations. Additionally, to provide access to subject matter experts on the CTOA advisory board, that can provide consultation, expert testimony or, facilitate specific and effective practical training, based upon the most recent, realistic and relevant skills in crisis and risk management.
We are excited about the opportunity providing the mechanism for those in need to plug into a “live network”, a central clearing house of sorts, that will give its membership access to the combined knowledge and expertise of those that have gone before us. “There’s no one of us smarter than all of us”


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CTOA is an “Out Reach” based training provider.
You host the course and we send our instructors to you for a cost-effective course delivery.
When the site has completed its update, members will be able to book CTOA Training & Services online, directly through the website.


The CTOA will be expanding its store offerings to include an assortment of tactical gear, appeal, emergency & survival equipment, and more.

Copcast is an ongoing series produced by CTOA, providing a space for open, honest, and timely dialogue surrounding law enforcement, mental health, current events, and exchanges between members of the community.